Weddings of Phoebe



This beloved on screen couple has been nearly married to each other during the time where both were possessed by ghosts of thieves with unfinished business on the earth where Paige accidentally released the spirits whose then possessed Phoebe & Cole to finish the things that they have not yet gotten to do-marry each other. Cole was nearly shot by the police after he and Phoebe escaped the robbery they had done earlier that day.

The real marriage took place on the day where the normal marriage that Phoebe had planned was ruined completely when Cole planned his own dark matrimony by causing disturbance during the wedding occasion, having his demons attacking the sisters. As Phoebe’s wedding dress that she had ordered earlier was ruined by Cole’s trick so that Phoebe will blame the whole thing to Paige….assuming she was jealous. Soon the wedding took place at the cemetery-the dark kind of way after Phoebe annulled the normal occasion earlier.



This newly introduced hunk in the Halliwell’s neighborhood was first met Phoebe during the early eighth season and Phoebe was completely smitten. He was working as a photographer at a modeling agency and Phoebe did some modeling for him sometimes. When Billie Jenkins, their witch protégé was casting a spell, she accidentally put Phoebe and Dex in a spellbound where both suddenly married without any rational explanation. Soon as the spell worn out, Phoebe realized her mistake and did try to work out the relationship but her secret seems to much for Dex to bear-she broke up with him.



To reward Phoebe for all the sacrifice that she had done as The Charmed Ones to save the world and protecting the innocent, Coop, a cupid from above was basically send by the Elders to be her husband where their relationship were not forbidden to pursue unlike before where witches should not have any relationship with either whitelighters or cupids. Phoebe was seriously in love with Coop during the time when they were under some spells and this go on as Coop continues to be by her side helping her to open herself to love and to learn loving someone. Coop and Phoebe married each other during the final of the show.