Transformations & Posessions

Episode 1.15: Is there’s A Woogy in Our House

Phoebe who is too scared to go down to the basement which she believed that a ghostly figure or a smoky thing called Woogyman is haunting the basement in their house. Driven by curiosity, Phoebe went down to help the plumber whom in charge of fixing things in the basement when he shouted for help just after a few seconds he went down. The Woogyman trapped Phoebe while she was in the basement and possessed her a while. During the powerful possession, Phoebe gained the power of materialization which enable her to make things appear as she wished. The possession ended just as Phoebe recited the spell which she learn from her Grams.


Episode 3.03: Once Upon A Time

Phoebe was infected by the magical dust which will be used for them to help them see the fairies in order to rescue these good creatures from the wicked trolls. Because fairies only can be seen by people who with purest heart, believing that there is a mystical world of magic and fairies. The effect was it turning Phoebe into a child with a very naughty behavior and soon as the fairy dust fading, Phoebe turned back to normal.


Episode 3.13: Bride and Gloom

When Prue was kidnapped by a warlock and led to their arranged marriage, Prue become evil by the bond that tied them both and the evil spread to the sisters too. As a result Phoebe suddenly turning evil followed by Piper equipped with warlocks’ powers where Phoebe & Piper started acting strangely around people. While becoming nasty, Phoebe & Piper searched for Prue in order to revive the evil that caused Leo’s life….


Episode 3.18: Sin Francisco

The warlock stole the box that contained the dangerous seven deadly sins which should be guided with protection. As the warlock released the seven deadly sins, Phoebe was infected by the sin of lust that made her desperate in seeking men and turning Phoebe into a brat that will do at any means to get what she want. During the infection, Phoebe had seduced the professor which is teaching her, a policeman in charge and finally her own brother-in-law Leo.


Episode 3.21: Look Who’s Barking

Banshee is actually a witch who broken-hearted turning her attention into killing people and when Phoebe was attacked by the Banshee and released a lethal scream, Phoebe got infected and turning herself into a banshee to release her despair over the loss of her love, Cole. Since Phoebe still haven’t killed any people yet and Cole coming to the rescue in time, Phoebe returned to normal and vowed she will do anything to bring Cole back to the good side.


Episode 4.10: A Paige From The Past

When Paige, who is haunted by the guilt of losing her parents in the past trying to open the door where Leo helped her travel back in time in order to relive what had happened in the past to help her learn the things lies behind that eventful tragedy, accidentally released two of the unrest spirits of the outlaw ghosts from 1950’s that still got an unfinished business in this world, which is to marry in a church. Phoebe & Cole were possessed and acting like professional oldies robbers stealing jewelleries but their ultimate mission, which is to marry each other.



When Paige discovered that the runaway 10 year old boy is actually a coveted firestarter, she brought him to the Manor for safekeeping. However not so soon enough, the gang found them and started playing nasty. However Phoebe went up to the attic and found a very beautiful engagement ring which was Grams, and as she placed it on her finger, she turned into a Bewitched housewife of the 50’s with a super nice attitude for a woman battling demons.


Episode 4.19 & 4.20: We’re Off to See the Wizard & Long Live the Queen

Phoebe marries Cole in a dark rite that planned carefully by The Seer without anyone suspecting or being suspicious. From the wedding, Phoebe transform into the Queen of the Underworld where she possessed the power of fire thrower. As the Queen Phoebe was banished from the Manor and think of her sisters as her own enemy which had broken the bond that made The Power of Three. Soon as Phoebe realized the scheme and determined to choose good, she vanquished Cole and returned to her family as The Charmed Ones once again…


Episode 5.01 & 5.02: A Witch’s Tail Part 1 & 2

The Charmed Ones are drawn to an innocent mermaid who must elicit a proclamation of love from her mortal boyfriend or lose her immortality to a water demon known as the Sea Hag. Determined to save the mermaid; the Charmed Ones cast a spell, unfortunately morphing Phoebe into a mermaid. However with the newfound freedom, Phoebe was torn between choosing to stay as a mermaid and forgetting her miserable mortal life or returned back as The Charmed Ones, saving the Innocent.


Episode 5.03: Happily Ever After

An evil witch from a fairy tale tries to increase her power by trapping the Charmed Ones in warped versions of classic fairy tales. With a powerful spell surrounding The Charmed Ones, Phoebe attends a formal ball as Cinderella and by chance meets an evil Prince Charming which has been spelled by the evil witch herself, Paige as Snow White takes a bite from a poisoned apple, and Piper who becomes Red Riding Hood, has a nasty confrontation with a big bad wolf.


Episode 5.05: Magic Wears A Mask

A powerful young witch with the power to bring his drawing to life is forced to draw a demon into becoming a super villain, and in order to help The Charmed Ones defeat the demon, the boy is forced to create another drawing that consequently turned Piper, Phoebe & Paige into a superheroes from comic books.


Episode 5.10: Y Tu Mummy Tambien

As Phoebe falls prey to Jeric, a demon who desperately in search, seeking for a perfect body in order to resurrect his beloved lover, Isis. He found Phoebe and quickly determined to get her and mummify her to trap the spirit of Isis in her body. Meanwhile Cole tries to rescue Phoebe by offering a deal with the demon.


Episode 5.22: Oh My Goddess Part 1 & 2

Freed after centuries spent entombed beneath the Arctic ice, the Titans, Greek mythic gods, positioned to get rid of their captors, the Elders. Phoebe and Paige are nearly beaten by the Titans, but are saved by Chris, a mysterious Whitelighter from the future. Meanwhile, Leo makes a decision to give the Charmed Ones the ultimate power to vanquish the Titans, recreating them as Greek Goddesses, regardless of the risk that they will be seduced by their infinite new powers. Phoebe becomes the Goddess of Love, Piper the Goddess of Earth and Paige the Goddess of War. However, Piper's life is turned upside-down when Leo accepts his call to become the new leader of the Elders. Piper's loss and anger consumes her, allowing the Charmed Ones to annihilate the Titans.


Episode 6.01: Valhalley Of The Dolls Part 1 & 2

Even though Leo is disappeared, Piper is in a surprisingly good mood, leading Paige to believe that Leo altered Piper's memory. However, Paige's spell to bring back Piper's memory accidentally causes total amnesia. Calling upon Leo for help, Phoebe and Paige learn that he is being held in prison on the Island of Valhalla, a mythical place ruled by warrior-maidens. Trying to cover up his involvement in Leo's disappearance, Chris, the girls' new Whitelighter, helps them mask themselves as Valkyries by wearing the magical pendants and orb onto the island. The vision of Leo causes Piper's pain to come flooding back, prompting her to stay behind on the island while everyone else escapes. The Valkyries follow Paige and Phoebe across dimensions to San Francisco and wreak havoc on the city. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers she has a new power and Paige takes a job as a dog walker and is amazed when one of her dogs is transformed back into a man.


Episode 6.13: Used Karma

The Charmed Ones accidentally exposing themselves as witches in front of Phoebe’s boyfriend, Jason Dean causing him to scare off. However Richard casts spell that would help him escape from his family’s negative karma, accidentally channels a very dangerous karma of a stripper and double agent of WWI Mata Hari into Phoebe. Phoebe decides to have a vengeance on Jason Dean for rejecting her causing her to join force with demons and arranging a firing squad in order to kill Jason permanently.


Episode 6.15: I Dream Of Phoebe

Phoebe frees an evil genie, Jinny, from a bottle, only to learn that she has been tricked into becoming the genie herself. Anxious to put Leo and Piper back together so he can be conceived, Chris uses Phoebe for his wish to come true. Feeling like he has lost Paige, Richard stole the bottle so he can wish Paige to return into him. Jinny however, steals the bottle from Richard and wishes the destruction of The Charmed Ones.


Episode 6.17: Hyde School Reunion

While preparing to get ready for her high school reunion, Phoebe's wild teenage behavior takes over her body when she, by accident casts a spell on herself. At the reunion, teenage Phoebe rejoined with her ex- gang and discovers herself in big trouble when their old leader, Rick, uses Phoebe's magic to rob an armored car. Meanwhile, Piper calls upon her father to find out the reason of why Chris is being reserve towards her.


Episode 7.03: Cheaper By The Coven

While preparing for the wiccaning of Chris, Piper and Grams get a little tense between them and to solve the problem, Grams casts a spell that turning the sisters into bickering children. At an award ceremony that Phoebe attends with Leslie, she ended up acting like a love struck teenager.


Episode 7.06: Once In A Blue Moon

The Elders’ suspicion of Leo causing them to allocate a new Whitelighter to guide the girls. However, when the new Whitelighter is nearly killed by beasts in a very violent attack, the Elders charge the attack on Leo. But it was The Charmed Ones, with every blue moon rising in full, will transform into a terrible beast that dangerous enough for everyone. Meanwhile, Agent Brody learns Paige's secret and informs her of a powerful new menace, and Phoebe and Leslie talk about their feelings before bidding farewell.

Episode 8.14: Angry Zen

In finding for information about Leo, Piper found a message from Lo Pan, a monk and keeper of a sacred Buddhist staff possessing the power of influence. Lo Pan taught Billie how to harness her power of projection in order to find her missing sister Christy. Phoebe celebrates her freedom from the manor by throwing a welcoming party that gets out of control. Finally, Paige introduces Henry to the world of magic by taking him on an "orb-along." However under the influences of the Buddhist stuff, The Charmed Ones turned evil and wreak havoc wherever they go.


Episode 8.20: Gone With The Witches

After Dumain used The Charmed Ones past experiences against them, Piper, Phoebe & Paige started acting strange. Piper becomes an obsessive housewife and a perfectionist, Paige continues ignoring her charges in need while Phoebe becomes overly lusting over Coop. When their approval rating hits rock bottoms, The Charmed Ones are forced into hiding.


Episode 8.21 & 8.22: Kill Billie Vol.2 & Forever Charmed

When The Charmed Ones summons The Hollow in order to multiply their strengths to defeat The Ultimate Power, they are going out of control and somehow evil. However The Hollow is the most powerful force known to man that lead to a devastating battle, in order to destroy one another.