Phoebe & Coop




Coop and Phoebe first met when she accidentally bumped into him. Phoebe, however, did not even give him a second glance, which Billie brought to her attention. Later that day, Coop again came across Phoebe and told her he was her new neighbor. Phoebe being suspicious looked into his so called apartment and found nothing. Later, when she confronted him he revealed himself to be a Cupid sent by the Elders to help her find love. Phoebe disliked Coop at first and was annoyed that the Elders would think she needed help find love, but Coop knew that she was just sacred because of all her previous heartbreaks and disappointments; he reassure her that her future daughter was destined. Phoebe's continued reluctance and Coop's persistence lead to them challenging, amusing and exciting each other. Phoebe also became comfortable asking Coop for advise and support.

Coop helped unblock Phoebe's heart after spending the day time traveling looking over Phoebe's ex-loves. Coop then proceeded to find her perfect match. However, in the midst of it all, they both secretly fell in love with each other. They eventually admitted their feelings although the timing was a bit off as Billie and Christy had turned all magical creatures against the Charmed Ones. Coop, however, did not fall for the trick and professed his love for Phoebe to Victor in his search for her. When he eventually found her, she told him off due to being frustrated over the upcoming fight against Billie. Coop left but was called upon by Piper after Phoebe and Paige had died. Realizing Phoebe was dead, he willingly gave Piper his ring so she could time travel back and save his love.

Later, when Coop met future Wyatt and Chris, Wyatt accidentally revealed that he and Phoebe were married in the future. Phoebe tells Coop that she doesn't want to go through what Piper and Leo went through with the forbidden love and says they can't be together. When Christy needed to go back in time, Dumain kidnapped Coop and stole his ring. Needing Coop Phoebe calls for him but he doesn't show. Wyatt and Chris tell Phoebe that the Elders knowingly sent Coop down to Phoebe so that they would both fall in love.

The Elders felt that they should break the rules for Phoebe as she had given up so much over the previous eight years. Not understanding how that will help in this situation Phoebe is confused. But Wyatt and Chris tell Phoebe that in the future all she has to do is think about him and he's there. Phoebe concentrates and Coop materializes proving that she loves him. when the battle is over Phoebe and Coop hug signifying they will get together.



Actor Victor Webster has said of his character, "I think he just loves life, he loves love. I think he's very charming and easy-going and lighthearted. I think he just generally enjoys being around people and really helping people." He also goes on to say that the reason why he was chosen for the part of Coop was that he displays many of those traits himself. However, he also claimed that playing "the perfect guy" was something of a struggle, "Coop is extremely confident. He knows all about love and relationships, and the problem with a guy who's so sure of himself is that you can play him very cocky and arrogant, and that can be somewhat off-putting." The actor explains that falling in love takes a great deal of humility, and that required him to bring a self-deprecating quality to his performance, "you learn about your faults and how to overcome them if the relationship means that much to you."

Coop is a Cupid, who is also known as a Messenger of Love. He is the husband of Charmed One, Phoebe Halliwell and the father of their three children; P.J. Halliwell, Parker Halliwell, and their younger sister.

Coop is the only cupid agent who is also a dad. His powers includes the power of Beaming, which allows him to teleport himself and others anywhere in the world. Additionally, Coop possess the basic powers of a Cupid; the ability to feel love (which is his specialty), slow down time, and make a person realize their true feelings, and he is also immortal. Furthermore, Coop has a ring, which provides him with a vast array of other magical powers.