Episodes Guide

The season that started it all when Phoebe found the Book of Shadows in the attics & releases their powers. [proceed]

Prue, Piper & Phoebe continues their journey as modern-day witches vanquishing evil & Piper meets new guy next door . [proceed]

Phoebe found love with half-demon Cole and Prue died in the end. [proceed]

Piper & Phoebe continues their quest as The Charmed Ones and found their long lost half-sister Paige. [proceed]

Cole was vanquished for good and Leo was chosen to become the Elder. [proceed]

Phoebe struggle with her career and relationship when the evil Elder started his conquest to kill her nephew Chris. [proceed]

Leo was falling out of grace and The Charmed Ones must find their way to defeat Zankou. [proceed]

The Charmed Ones met their new protégé, Billie Jenkins and together they vanquished the Triads. [proceed]