Charming Costume Designer


Eilish affectionately refers to the Halliwell sisters Phoebe, Piper, and Paige, as "my girls." Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) is clearly her favorite. I imagine Eilish as a kind of Mary Poppins amongst the mischievous vixens.

Eilish: My girls have a unique look; there is a new wardrobe for every performance. I take into account the shade of their eyes, hair tint, and skin tone. Although the cast is color coordinated, I'm careful the actors are never in the same color at the same time. Nor do they have the same neckline.

Eilish: A bit of both. For a guest star, I definitely dress the character. For the girls, it's best to dress them in clothes in which they're more comfortable. Holly likes solids, Alyssa carefree and could care less, Rose's signature color is red. Rose wouldn't wear in her personal life what she wears on the show. Not for a minute.

Eilish: Fred Segal on Melrose. Bleu has fabulous clothes. Yellow Dog. Traffic. Little boutiques carry eclectic styles. The Saks 6th floor is super trendy. The dilemma with the boutique designers is, once I've decided on one outfit I need to purchase five of the same because of the stunts! Two for Alyssa and three for the stunt girls. My budget is high-end $20,0000 a week. The outfits are expensive, but you do get what you pay for. The fit has to be great; they have to walk right into their clothes.

Eilish: I outfitted Alyssa in black pencil pants with an overskirt, so she could do her kicks. Then we saw everyone putting skirts over pants jeans with a chiffon skirt.