Thank You

Without these people/sites will never be existed and without inspiration from these great people this site will never be successfully reinvented. I also want to thank all my best friends especially online pals Ean Hanni, Isabelle, Andrea, Samantha & Chanel. You all have been so nice and helpful throughout my online career and I do loved you all. Without them I will never ever learn how to use Adobe and Dreamweaver, so that's why they meant a lot to me.

The biggest inspiration come from the actress herself Alyssa Milano thank you for being such a nice person and she had become my idol since Who's The Boss.With her charity works and career still going strong..I will always support her through this site.Without her this site would never be borned. Thank you for all your inspirational career and charity works that had left me as the webmaster working hours to make sure this site worth your quality as you deserves only the best.

Below were the persons/sites I like to be thankful for:

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