TBS Hot Corner


Move over P.J. Franklin, TBS has a new girl to fill those baseball cleats. Better known for her Who's the Boss days and vampy, Charmed ways, Ms. Milano has recently been hitting a few home runs with the MLB. Not only
does this season ticket holder have her own baseball-inspired, clothing line and a blog on mlb.com, but she is joining the program TBS Hot Corner.

Fans of Alyssa Milano's acting skills need not worry, though. Her part in TBS' Hot Corner will not interfere with her movie and television career. In addition to a movie coming out soon, she has also scored a reoccurring role on "My Name is Earl."

About TBS' Hot Corner

Along with Cal Ripken Jr., Tony Gwynn, and a few other regulars, Alyssa will cover America's favorite pastime during the post-season. Each Hot Corner teammate will contribute regular features to the channel. For her part on Hot Corner, TBS has Alyssa covering the insider's view of different baseball fields across the nation. She will take fans to the places that they most want to see, including some dugouts, as well as places like the concession stands.

Not only does Alyssa Milano bring a fresh face to the TBS program, but she also helps female sports anchors, reporters, and fans everywhere push through the gender stereotypes that surround women who love sports. For anyone who is skeptical about Milano's knowledge of and love for baseball, you can check out Alyssa's blog, Touch 'Em All, which has proven to the most skeptical sports fanatic that she knows her stuff. Her blog has been going on mlb.com since the beginning of the season and gains more and more popularity as the season continues.

TBS Encourages Female Baseball Fans

TBS, as a network, has pushed forward with the idea that woman can get inside the baseball field too. Just recently, the first season of their original series, My Boys, has ended with high enough ratings to warrant a second season. My Boys is a comedy that focus' on a female sports reporter, P.J. Franklin, and her relationship with a group of guy friends. P.J.'s coveted position is with the Cubs, which takes her straight into the locker rooms of MLB classic, Wrigley Field.

How Alyssa Milano was selected

Just after this season began, actress and Dodgers season-ticket holder Alyssa Milano introduced her new MLBlog called Touch 'em All by addressing the bizarre series of snowouts in Cleveland. "This is what I love about baseball," she wrote in that April welcome note. "It's just like life. The ride. The journey."

And, of course, the comments.

"Do you really write this blog yourself?" one fan asked.

"Is this a publicity thing or do you actually love baseball?" asked another.

"I have no way of proving any of this to you except to keep going," Milano responded in her second blog post after reading those comments. "You'll just have to take my word for it. I will hopefully convert the doubters. It will be my mission."

Mission accomplished. In the course of "the journey" that is the 2007 Major League Baseball season, any such doubts are long since removed. It was announced Thursday that Milano is joining new Hall of Famers Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn as a member of the crew at the brand-new "TBS Hot Corner" on MLB.com as an online personality starting Monday. It is the latest demonstration of Milano's unquestioned love for baseball -- already evident in the successful sales of her TOUCH by Alyssa Milano line of women's ballpark apparel and the nearly 400,000 unique visits this season to what Entertainment Weekly called one of the best "celebrity blogs" on the Internet.

"I am appreciative to MLB.com, TBS and the baseball fans everywhere that have embraced me and made this dream job a reality," Milano said after taping a segment about her beloved Dodger Stadium. "I am looking forward to being the voice of the 'fan' and bringing you behind-the-scenes segments for 'TBS Hot Corner' on MLB.com like only a fan can."