Site History

Birth of the Site: December 2009
Origin of the Site: owned by Ri
Inspired by: Alyssa Milano France owned by Phillo
Hosted by: Fansite Host
Name of the Site: Alyssa Milano Central
Favorite Actress: Alyssa Milano
Favorite TV Character: Phoebe Halliwell & Samantha Micelli
Favorite Shows: Charmed


Ever since Charmed was aired on international television as early as 1998, I was personally hooked with the show and my all time favorite character that had made a special place in my heart would be Phoebe Halliwell, played by Alyssa Milano from Who's The Boss fame. I don't know why but I have been a fan of Who's The Boss since its first season ever, and all my family members are the show's junkies to be exact and we all truly glued to the screen with the adorable and witty Samantha, the first role ever that brought Alyssa Milano to fame and after I continued to follow her career and still I have not yet tempted to start any site dedicated to her because at that moment, there are almost hundreds of websites from different languages existed on her and I just being a fan, browsing through and contribute some. And ever since I become an obsessed Charmed fan, I was again tempted to create a website exclusively for Alyssa as that time, there are orders from the Safesearching staff to shut down all fan websites of Alyssa because they seems to violating the privacy of Alyssa herself and posting nudity so at that time, one by one site was closed.


Since then, I asked to join force with fellow friend, Jonathan who together we decided to start a huge Alyssa Milano fansite by the name of Alyssa Jane Milano and during that moment, we were using Glamour Connection as our host and we start collecting stuffs and images and I was beyond excited in preparing all the contents for the site. The best news that, Jonathan finally applied for Fan-Sites Network for hosting and we are almost ready to start the transition to the host when suddenly, Fan Sites Network declined hosting out sites due to some unknown reason and the worse news are, Jonathan decided to back out from the site and I was left with all the contents and images. Next I also received offers from Duke Orsino and also Fernando to get together and start working for Alyssa Jayne Milano which suppose to be the biggest Alyssa Milano website from fans online and all the planning were going on very smoothly when suddenly both of them also backed out from the projects. I almost lost hopes and decided to stop doing the sites when I was get worked up again on 2003 to start back the website after Charmed become a very popular television culture.


I start collecting all the latest news and info and made a small Alyssa Milano fansite hosted by Freewebs as on that time I was having zero knowledge on Adobe Photoshop or even Content Creation. I also don't have any skills on web design on that time. I started on that time with very basic website look and content just to fill up the emptiness of all the closed sites on Alyssa. I finally having trouble running the sites because of the limited spaces and lack of knowledge on how to operate an online gallery so I decided to put the website on hold for a while. Thanks to my dear friends, Ean Hanni and a few especially Andrea & Isabelle for helping me understand the usage of Adobe and Dreamweaver so that in 2006 I opened my new exclusive and biggest website on Alyssa Milano, hosted at Fansite Host called Alyssa Milano Central and is going strong till now. Now we have almost reached 2 years online this December and that's how a brief information on how this site was born. This site was truly inspired from my friend's Ri and Phillocera so thank you very much to both of them for the inspirations.