Alyssa Milano Takes Us To Bed


Alyssa Milano is the Little Mermaid no more. Alyssa Milano’s Maxim cover may have prepared us for her big reveal, but this is the first time we’ve seen the former “Charmed” star in such a provocative pose. Yes, Alyssa Milano made a sex tape.

Alyssa Milano’s sex tape is actually educational. It’s not a sex ed video. Alyssa Milano’s sex tape catches her with her boyfriend having a fun roll in the sack. Until Alyssa Milano’s feet get in the way, then we just kind of see world events and the kind of serious silliness you might not expect from an Alyssa Milano sex romp.

Okay, Alyssa Milano isn’t making any Confessions of a Sorority Girl and she’s not in the Embrace of a Vampire. Alyssa Milano’s sex tape just shows where the day might take you.

Alyssa Milano made the sex tape for the Funny or Die site and although she seems to be having a great time, until the evening news gets boring.

What Alyssa Milano actually wants you to do when you’re in bed is sleep, though. Yes, Alyssa Milano wants to put you to sleep.

You can see the Alyssa Milano Sex Tape right here.

Alyssa Milano is finding new ways to take us to bed.

Alyssa Milano recently teamed up with Febreze to launch their new Sleep Serenity collection to help people get better acquainted with sleep.

Febreze partnered with the National Sleep Foundation and Alyssa Milano, who can be seen on the ABC television series “Mistresses,” to promote healthy sleep habits.

Alyssa Milano said “Everyone knows how important sleep is in our lives and to our well-being, but we also need to give our bedtime routine the attention it deserves. My bedroom environment plays a big part in my sleep experience, so I’m delighted to work with Febreze to introduce the new Sleep Serenity collection. The soothing scents for the bedroom are the perfect way to set the stage for a peaceful night’s rest and help rekindle your relationship with sleep.”

Alyssa Milano shared her tips for an indulgent and relaxing bedtime routine in a press release where she said:

Getting ready for bed can be an indulgent and gratifying experience, so here are some of Alyssa’s sleep tips to help you fall in love with sleep every night:
1. Beauty sleep is a real thing! Make it a priority.
2. Make your bedroom you and your partner’s personal space, where you can indulge in a relaxing bedtime routine without interruptions.
3. Carve out time in your evening for a long shower our bubble bath to unwind.
4. Use Febreze Sleep Serenity scents to create a soothing and relaxing bedtime environment. For an indulgent experience, spritz your sheets and comforter with the Febreze Sleep Serenity Bedding Refresher to infuse your whole room with the scent of lavender.
5. Wear something that makes you feel great – I wear my hubby’s shirt for bedtime! It makes me feel comfy as we snuggle into bed.