Project Runway: All Stars - Many Faces Of Milano


If you had been around for a while during the 80s, you might as well be well known to "Who's The Boss" starlet, Alyssa Milano who continuously awe us not only with her acting but with her super fun fashion sense. As Alyssa beginning to shed her child star image, she started to get more revealing by posing nude in a magazine or replacing her mom's jean that she used to wear during her teenage years with more sexy risky outfits. Then, as her iconic trendsetter sense taking over, she beginning to be experimental with her style, in an edgier look and feel as what she did on "Charmed". Continuously bewitching her fans with her no - nonsense fashion statement, she made another transition into a more elegant and classy style to fit with her new role as a mom and as a sassy lawyer in "Mistresses". As time goes by, Milano didn't fail to amaze us with her choice of clothes and accessories, she manage to go beyond our expectation especially with her new role as fashion critique and hostess of the cultural reality fashion show such as "Project Runway All Stars". Following her looks and styles on each and every single episode, we could see how much she was moving away from her usual stay simple fashion mode and she was brave enough to come up with edgy and out of the box look that she rarely wore but can pull it off easily. Here we showcased a few styles from each and every season of the show so enjoy the looks and have fun watching!