No Bikini for Alyssa Milano

After having her son, Milo Thomas 20 months ago, Alyssa Milano realized she would not be in a bikini anytime soon, but that’s not her big concern.

The 40-year-old actress has learned how much love her heart could hold since Milo was born. She told People, “You think you know what love is before you have [kids] and then you have the baby and it completely shatters whatever concept of [what] love was before you met them.” When Milo was born she decided to take her time in losing the baby weight, instead she just enjoyed being with her new baby.

She says, “I just was very kind to myself and gave myself a lot of time. No pressure. I find any sort of weight loss is about eating less and moving more, so I just did that and took my time. Our bodies are not made to look good in a string bikini! Our bodies are made to nurture and cuddle and all of those amazing things that come along with being a mom.” While Milano may not have her pre-pregnancy body back, she is contemplating another child to add to her family.

I think losing the baby weight that we all gain during pregnancy is something that takes a different form for each mother. While some women bounce back quickly from having a baby, others work hard to lose the weight in a time frame of their choice, while even more mothers just give up and let the weight remain.

Losing my baby weight was easy for my first child, difficult for my second, and pretty impossible for my third. My youngest is three and I am just now getting around to losing the weight I gained while pregnant. I didn’t even have that far to go – I gained only about 25 pounds with each child – but making time to take care of myself while taking care of three kids was hard. Sadly, I don’t think I will ever get my bikini body back – my c-sections left an unattractive flap of skin – but I am learning to be happy with my mom body.

Do you like your body after having a baby? Are you rushing to get back into a bikini this summer?