The Love Triangle


Savannah is a lawyer with a husband named Harry, with whom she’s trying to get pregnant. Thus, the two are trying to spice up their sex life to keep things from becoming too clinical, including a round of roleplaying in a hotel that leads them from the bar to a steamy lovemaking session in their room. However, things get awkward quickly as thoughts of which position would be more conducive to conception begin to creep around. Six weeks later, the two are going in for medical testing to see just what the problem is and why they’re not getting pregnant. Savannah hopes that it’s something wrong with her, claiming that it would be easier, and notes that Harry’s been coming home from the restaurant later than normal in recent weeks.

Savannah and Harry go to their testing where it turns out she’s fine and his sperm has issues of low motility and morphology, meaning that the shape of the sperm makes it harder to reach (and fertilize) the egg. To help cheer him up and get some spark back into their sex life, she takes Josslyn to a lingerie store and tries to find an outfit for them to enjoy later that night. However, she gets a call from her co-worker Dominic that she has to be in the office for something relating to a case they’re working and has to rush out the door wearing one of the potential outfits for Harry. At the meeting, Dominic gets a tease of what’s underneath Savannah’s business suit when her skirt rides up, enough to make him ask to see her in it for a full 10 seconds. His inquiry came after Savannah tried to surprise Harry at the restaurant with the outfit, only to be rebuffed and made to feel foolish for wanting to be sexual during a time when he feels most emasculated, and Savannah only agrees when the time is cut to 5 seconds and she knows he’ll be doing the rest of the work for their case.

Still hurting from her fight with Harry, Savannah goes to work where she runs into Dominic, who assures her that she doesn’t have to be strong with him. The two begin kissing and end up on top of his desk, acting on the sexual tension that had been bubbling between them for so long.