Alyssa Milano Interview With Mens Fitness


Ready to Swing
MF recently spoke with the beautiful sports lover to find out just what she's been up to since her Teen Steam days.
by Elizabeth Sanchez

MF: How does it feel going from tomboy Samantha on Who’s the Boss? to having guys all over the world going gaga for you?

AM: I try not to think about it too much. [Laughs] It’s obviously very flattering. I’m still blessed to have a career after all these years—especially in a business that’s very fickle.

You’re the perfect girl: sexy, nice, and a big sports fan. You even have your own blog and a line of baseballthemed clothing, TOUCH by Alyssa Milano.

I’m into all sports. With baseball, I grew up watching it on my dad’s lap. About 10 years ago I started learning about the game within the game; that’s what’s really gotten me addicted to it. I especially love baseball and hockey.

Wait, you’re single. How long have you been available? More important, when you are dating, who’s the boss?

[Laughs] I think that equal partnership in a relationship is important. And yes, I’m single! I have been since January. I’m too busy to even go out on a date.

Any advice for helping our guys get their girls as interested in baseball as you are?

Women are thinkers. And I think the most important thing to do to get your woman involved in the game is to teach her about the game.

My Name Is Earl is all about karma and changing things in your past. Anything about your past you’d like to change?

Good question. I was raised believing in karma. My parents were sort of like hippies, and they instilled in us the idea that you treat people how you’d want to be treated—that you make decisions that are good, not only for you but for whatever position you’re at in life. So I don’t know that there’s anything I’d go back and change. I think as long as you learn from your mistakes, then you correct the karma.

From what we’ve seen, you seem to favor jocks as boyfriends. What is it about guys in tights that drives you crazy?

I grew up with athletes being sort of the heroes in my family. So I was always attracted to athletes because they were heroic. They were our heroes on the fi eld. Who wouldn’t want to find that off the field?

OK, our guys have to know—what does it take to get to first base with Alyssa Milano?

[Laughs] I think it all depends on the situation.