Little Sister



Studio: Live Home Video
Genre: Comedy
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Jimmy Zeilinger
Language: English
Theatrical Release: N/A
Home Video Release: N/A
Cast: Jonathan Silverman, Alyssa Milano, George Newbern, Jesse Dabson, Jerry Gideon

Jonathan Silverman plays Bobby, who just graduated high school with his friend Mike (George Newbern). His father encourages him to forge his own identity and also gives him a book of romantic poems. Bobby reads one of the poems and his dad says "Got you mother, didn't I?"

Bobby and Mike go to college and join a fraternity where Bobby can be himself and not follow in his dad's footsteps. The leader of the fraternity house tells Bobby that he is his father's twig and he has to show his pledge brothers the way so that they become twigs like him.

At a party, Bobby meets a girl name Sybil and tries to woo her with his father's poems; she is unconvinced. The next day Bobby tells Mike that he needs to stop taking his dad's advice and find himself a girlfriend. Bobby and Mike witness an argument between Diana (Alyssa Milano) and her boyfriend Derry because he doesn't care what she thinks. When she breaks up with Derry, Bobby takes the opportunity to ask her out, but she tells him "Piss off, slug". Derry then apologies to Diana and they go back together.

Bobby tries to woo Sybil again while trying to find a course to study during his college years. He ends up in an all-female classroom studying the sociology of women in history. He and Mike also find out that they're enrolled in taxidermy class.

Later that day Bobby, Mike, and their pledge brothers are reminiscing about The Brady Bunch for the fraternity leader. The leader wants them to steal a painting from the Zeta Alpha Zeta sorority house. After four failed attempts, Bobby decided the only way in the sorority house is to be a girl. Bobby become 'Roberta' and successfully fools the sorority sisters, is unable to get the painting.

Bobby has it hard trying to be both identities. He's missing out on fraternity activities as himself, but he wants to keep the Roberta identity in order to be close to Diana.

Bobby ask for help to study for class by Diana but she believes he's asking her on a date. While they're studying on during a thunderstorm, Bobby tries to seduce her but proves unsuccessful. She discovers his sorority scheme in a pledge book.

When Roberta been elected president of the pledge class, the sorority sisters take Roberta for drinks. The girls tell Roberta that they look up to her which is the reason for her elected. When Derry sees Roberta, he tries to flirt with her and Bobby tries to be disgusting. Bobby then tells Mike Derry is flirting with him and they devise a plan to have Diana catch Derry in a compromising position.

The next day, Derry walks into the library and continues flirting with girls. A girl writes him a note, and Derry reads it ("Catch her in the stack meet me at Salinger") and he says "Am I Good?". Derry goes to the section and finds another note in The Catcher in the Rye ("The dane of Denmark Macbeth's the best. I'm your lady, I want your chest." Shakespeare) and finds an orange blouse and takes off his shirt. Diana finds a note while Bobby as Roberta watches ("Roses are Red Violets are Blue, Oh do I have a Surprise for you!") and Diana walks away from the table to the stacks Salinger, Shakespeare, and Melville. Derry reads another note ("Staring at you put me in a trance. I can't to see you without your PANTS!") from The Joy of Sex) and takes of his pants. Diana goes to the stacks and finds Derry's clothes and tries to find him while he's roaming the library in his boxers. Derry finds the last note and takes off his boxers. At that time Diana finds him in that compromising position. Diana finally breaks off their relationship.

After a while, Bobby learns more about girls. As Roberta again, he tries to convince Diana to love Bobby. He changes into his normal clothes and try to go back to Diana but fails again when he kisses her and gets slapped. He decides to end Roberta and steal the painting. The next day when the painting is discovered missing, one of the sorority sisters suspects Roberta. After that, Mike sets up Roberta on a date with Wally who is one of the pledge brothers.

Bobby tries again to get Diana but ends up carrying encyclopedias for her. Diana tells Bobby that they are just too different to be together and then she tells him that she knows what he's really doing. Bobby first believes that she knows that he's really Roberta but she meant about what happened to Derry. They finally get together. Bobby is then shocked to learn that Diana has nominated Roberta for sorority queen.

Bobby gets stressed out because the frat house needed him to be quarterback and the sorority nominated Roberta for queen. Bobby undresses from his Roberta clothes while Diana watches from an open window in his room. She believes that Roberta is making out with Bobby. Bobby as Roberta then returns the painting to the sorority house. The frat house gets angry with Bobby for returning the painting and call him a stick.

Bobby and Diana argue in class about women in history. Bobby then tells the teacher about what he's really been doing and gets moved by it.

Bobby begins to play football with his frat house. He wants Wally to play although Wally is not a good player. During the last play of the game, Bobby ask Mike to throw the ball to Wally. Wally fall down but luckily he catches the ball and their frat house wins the game.

Bobby goes to the ceremony as Roberta and reveals himself and makes a passionate speech about what he learned. After the speech, Mike starts to applaud and then everyone applauds as well. Later that night Bobby's dad come to him and tells him that he loves him. Bobby then goes to Diana and apologizes to her and they make up.