Glory Daze



Directed by: Rich Wilkes
Produced by: Michael Scott Bloom
Written by: Rich Wilkes
Starring: Ben Affleck, Sam Rockwell, French Stewart, Alyssa Milano & Megan Ward
Music by: The Vandals, NOFX & Sublime

If you'd EVER partied in college, lived with roommates, drank, had post-teen angst, or knew people who did, you will love this movie. If you'd NEVER swear in your life, had no angst from growing up, and considered yourself to be perfect and normal, you'll hate it.

THOSE THAT GAVE BAD REVIEWS HERE EITHER CANNOT RELATE TO IT OR DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT. A movie should not explain everything in plain view for you. Let it make you think a little and you'll walk away enlightened!

Glory Daze is rather a cleverly written movie with unconventional dialogs. It is set in the small town of Santa Cruz, California.. and I believe it to be based on a true story. The characters are not typical and therefore are much more interesting to watch than your average American Pie flick. You will probably find similarities between yourself and one or more of these characters.

The CAST consists of Ben Affleck, French Stewart, Sam Rockwell, Vien Hong, Matthew MacConauhey(sp?), Alyssa Milano, Megan Ward, Brendan Fraser, Vinnie Deramus, Matt Damon(cameo), Spauding Grey, and John-Rhys Davies. I thought the two most stunning performances were from Sam Rockwell(ROB) who played the party guy gone conservative.. and Vien Hong (SLOSH) who was a computer science major dropout turned Bukowski-drunk. Sam Rockwell can be seen in many other wonderful movies such as Charlie's Angels, Green Mile, and A Box of Moonlight. And Vien Hong is not as well known, very versatile, and can be seen in smaller roles in big movies like We Were Soldiers playing Mel Gibson's interpreter, City of Industry(a Harvey Keitel movie). He's one of those skilled-actors that can take a small part and give it a lot of life. Affleck, although not bad.. I thought he did a better job in Chasing Amy.

I'd recommend you to buy it. Why waste your money and rent it, when you can have it delivered to your door. If you end up hating it, you can always give it to someone who'll appreciate it. Chances are there'll be more people loving the movie than not.

Again, the movie is perfectly cast. It's got a great sound track. And It is destined to be a cult classic!

Ben Affleck (The Town) stars with Alyssa Milano (TV's Charmed), Sam Rockwell (Cowboys & Aliens) and French Stewart (Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2) in this hilarious college comedy about hardcore partying, breaking hearts and growing up. Unwilling to say goodbye to their wild lifestyle, Jack (Affleck) and his four raunchy housemates face the surreal week of graduation together. Against a constant swirl of troubling girlfriends, lecherous teachers, killer hangovers and Pomp and Circumstance, the buddies are forced to admit that the party is finally over. Also featuring appearances by Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon, John Rhys-Davies, Brendan Fraser and Leah Remini.