Fantasy Island - Superfriends



Directors: Michael Dinner

Casts: Edward Hibbert as Harry, Madchen Amick as Ariel, Alyssa Milano as Gina Williams, Silvia Sydney as Clia, Malcolm McDowell as Mr Roarke, Michael B Silver as Doug


The Plotline Summary - Episode - Superfriends

In an effort to create a bond between an overworked father and his son, Roarke transforms banker Louis Burton into eight-year-old Max's favorite superhero. Although Max is impressed when Louis, as Dyno-man, stops a meteor from destroying Earth, Louis is just as overzealous in his work as a superhero as he was as a banker. Consequently, Max finds himself watching from the sidelines again. Meanwhile, to help two friends explore the possibilities of any enexplored romantic possibilities between them, Roarke offers Gina Williams a chance to meet her old friend, Doug Strickman, again for the first time. But Gina soon sees that without her influence as a friend, Doug has become a very different man from the one she knew.