Throughout The Years

Alyssa Milano has grown through major change since her childhood as child star starting from her debut in Who's The Boss and she grows into a dedicated and inspiring teen star, filling her life with exciting involvement such as Team Steam workout video and having her secondary career as a platinum-winning singer releasing great hits around Japan. She also breaks out of her good-girl image and embrace her wilder side by acting in provocative manners with controversial Embrace Of The Vampire, Poison Ivy 2: Lily & Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story. It didn't end there, she finally making headlines by toplining the Spelling Television's soap opera Melrose Place where she given the chance to explore her naughty side in her character as Jennifer Mancini. Next Alyssa move on to more mature and mainstream success with Charmed a successful high-rated supernatural tv show by again Spelling Television where she played one of the three witches Phoebe Halliwell. From years to years, Alyssa's style and dressing senses had differ and evolve with extreme measures and she had gone through different hairstyles change and she had become an inspiring trendsetter in the industry. Check these for proofs: