Charmed DVD Magazine


Charmed DVD Magazines appeared in England and America a few years ago. Each magazine has a DVD with three episodes of the series. If anyone collects all 59 numbers, they will receive both 8 seasons and the edge of the DVDs will give you a wonderful picture of the Charms and the Shadows book. These magazines have also provided a variety of gifts to subscribers such as magazines, mugs, pens, and CDs.

In the magazines, we have a lot of interest and not just about the series but also the interview with the actors and the creators of the series. In addition, you can read a detailed description of the episodes of a particular magazine, lots of outstanding conversations about the episode, and more about the episodes involved.

This version of DVDs did not appear in Hungary, they could be bought from a distributor a couple of years ago, unfortunately, they can not be ordered for them now, and can be found on ebay, but of course their prices have also increased. The price of a magazine in England is 8 pounds, which is nearly 3400ft.

You can watch some of the magazine in the Gallery, of course I will still scan you and make articles about it, as you are writing a lot of interest in the series.