Alyssa & David Bugliari


Wedding bells will apparently be ringing in the near future for former Charmed actress Alyssa Milano, as reps for the star announce that she said yes to a marriage proposal from boyfriend David Bugliari on December 18. The two have dated for over a year - and he's also her agent at Creative Artists Agency. In December, David Bugliari confronted some dude Alyssa Milano called "obsessive" trying to get access to the actress at her home.Talk about standing up for your woman!

He is an agent with the Creative Artists Agency, and actually represents Alyssa Milano. I guess that answers the question of how they met. Sometime in December 2008, he came to Alyssa’s rescue by confronting a man that she described as “obsessive” who was trying to get access to her at home. Scary! David is also a Democrat (like most of the people in Hollywood), and in 2007 donated money to Hilary Clinton’s campaign for President. The whopping $250 he gave didn’t seem to make much of a difference in her run, however.