Albums & Discography

Alyssa (Released in Japan only) (1989)

Alyssa is Alyssa Milano's self-titled second studio album and major-label debut, released October 25, 1989. On this album she worked with most of the same producers she had worked with on the first album. The album was also released as a Picture Disc Edition.

The album peaked at No.15 on the Japanese Oricon Albums Chart for a total of five weeks.

  • I Just Wanna Be Loved
  • I Had A Dream
  • Step By Step
  • Can You Feel It
  • Destiny
  • Happiness
  • Give A Little Kindness
  • Be My Baby/Tell Me That You Love Me - Medley
  • Let My Love Show You
  • We Need The Children
Look in My Heart (Released in Japan Only) (1989)

Look In My Heart is Alyssa Milano's first album, released March 21, 1989, when she was 16 years old. It was also released as a Color Picture Label CD and later as a 24Krt Gold Edition, which comes with a bonus track "Look In My Heart" (extended dance remix) identical to the version on The Best In The World album. Videos were filmed for the three singles that were released. A VHS video was also released entitled Look In My Heart that included the three videos and a short documentary, "Alyssa's Backstage Memories". After the credits roll, Alyssa's Japanese commercial for pasta can be seen—she is singing "Look In My Heart" in the commercial.

The album peaked at No.?68 on the Japanese Oricon Albums Chart for six weeks

  • Look In My Heart
  • What A Feeling
  • Medley: Da Doo Ron Ron/Magic In Your Eyes
  • You Lied To Me
  • Kimi Wa Sunshine Boy
  • Born To Love
  • Waiting For My Star
  • Straight To The Top
  • Look In My Heart (Extended Dance Version)
The Best in the World (Released in Japan Only) (1990)

The Best In The World: Non-Stop Special Remix/Alyssa's Singles is the first compilation album from singer Alyssa Milano consisting of remixed singles plus one new song ("The Best in the World"). Released on February 21, 1990, all the tracks are remixed into a continuous mix. This album was also released in a picture disc edition.

The album peaked at number 9 on the Japanese Oricon Albums Chart for a total of eight weeks.

  • The Best In The World
  • Straight To The Top
  • I Had A Dream
  • Look In My Heart
  • I Just Wanna Be Loved
  • Happiness
  • What A Feeling
Locked Inside a Dream (Released in Japan Only) (1991)

Locked Inside a Dream is Alyssa Milano's third full-length album, released May 21, 1991. The CD comes with a 24-page booklet of photographs packaged in a cardboard slipcase. The CD single for "New Sensation" includes a TV Mix version of the song which is a karaoke version with background vocals. The second single was released exclusively in France in 1993, two years after the album's official release.

The album peaked at #19 on the Japanese Oricon Albums Chart for a total of five weeks

  • No Secret
  • I Want Your Number
  • Every Single Kiss
  • Closer To You
  • Your Lips Don't Lie
  • Through It All
  • Say A Prayer Tonight
  • Locked Inside A Dream
  • Count On Me
  • New Sensation
Do You See Me? (Released in Japan Only) (1992)

Do You See Me? is Alyssa Milano's fourth studio album, and her last album consisting of new material. Released September 18, 1992, it has a more mature sound and lyrics than the earlier albums. The album peaked at No.?47 on the Japanese Oricon Albums Chart for a total of two weeks.

The album was released on CD by Canyon International in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. It was also released on LP vinyl in South Korea only. In Japan it was packaged in a cardboard slipcase and with an extra 36-page booklet of photographs, just like her previous album, Locked Inside a Dream from 1991.

The album's only single was the title track "Do You See Me?". It was released on 18 September 1992 in Japan via Canyon International, as a 3" mini CD-single (snap-pack sleeve). The B-Side was the album track "If Only".

  • Do You See Me?
  • Talk To Me
  • One Last Dance
  • Puppet On A String
  • Somewhere In Jamaica
  • Waiting For Your Love
  • If Only
  • Everything You Do